Denver For Sports Enthusiasts

Denver, Colorado has over 300 days a year of sunshine, so it is an ideal city in which to enjoy being outdoors and attending sports events all year long. So whether you want to take your best iSUP out on the water, do a bit of hiking or take in some team sports, this is a great city to do it. And when it comes to pro sports, this is one of the best cities for fans.

There are four professional sports teams in Denver: the Denver Broncos for football, the Denver Nuggets, for basketball, the Colorado Rockies for baseball, and the Colorado Avalanche for Hockey.

The Denver Bronchos have been contenders in the National Football league for top honors year after year, and they have won 2 Superbowls, having played in seven. They have a long record of top performance, and the current team is no exception with Peyton Manning at quarterback.

The high expectations and the exceptional level of play that the Bronchos have exhibited in past years bode well for future success.

The Denver Nuggets have a long history in the ABA and the NBA of always offering exciting games in all of their seasons. Even though they have never won and NBA championship, they have offered their fans great entertainment with top of the league players.

Such stars early on as David Thompson out of North Carolina State, Marvin “The Eraser” Webster, and Dan Issel were early players that provided excitement and excellent play.

In the 80’s Alex English and Kiki Vandeweghe anchored teams that were very competitive. In the nineties Chris Jackson, Michael Adams and Dikembe Mutombo, LaPhonso Ellis just missed the playoffs in 1993. In later years Carmello Anthony and Allen Iverson, from a trade with Philadelphia provided high spirited games.

The Colorado Rockies are in the National League and are a team that was established there in Denver in 1993. They have reached the major league postseason play three times. The club has had two managers of the year awards, in Don Baylor in 1995 and Jim Tracy in 2009.

The Colorado Avalanche is the professional hockey team located in Denver and a member of the central division in the Western Conference of the National Hockey League.

Top 10 Experiences Not to Miss Out on While in Denver

From the magnificent great outdoor activities right down through the heart of downtown, Denver is filled with opportunities for any lucky enough to pay it a visit. However, with so much to see, do, and explore it’s hard knowing what experiences to pursue while in Denver. The following should help out with that…

1. Explore Red Rocks Park

Undoubtedly one of the first spots to check out by first and returning visitors of Denver, Red Rocks Park occupies a grand total of almost 900 acres where you can walk its many miles of hiking trails and take in the spectacular view of the Rockys. Whether you want to spend an entire day here or simply just a morning or afternoon, we suggest you start out at the Trading Post Trail where a 1.4-mile-long path will get you plenty warmed up for the exploration ahead.

2. See a Show at Red Rocks Amphitheater

And while you are already at Red Rocks Park, you might as well stick around for a show at the impressive Red Rocks Amphitheater; a naturally geological carving formed by the red rocks themselves, it makes for quite the atmosphere. With shows put on from performers like Tom Petty and The Beatles, this place has an excellent history and one you should undoubtedly witness yourself!

3. A Stroll Along Larimer Square

If you are in the mood for some great shopping, fantastic restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife this is hands down the place to head toward! Take a break from your hiking shoes and put on those other ones you packed and make your way to this vibrant and constantly buzzing part of town. There is always plenty happening here so make sure you check ahead of time to see if there are any festivals during your trip.

4. A Day at Washington Park

Whether you want to bike, throw a Frisbee, have a leisurely stroll, or simply enjoy a picnic beneath the shade of a tree, Washington Park allows you to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy Denver’s natural settings. You’ll find a wide mix of both visitors and locals who make Washington Park a part of their everyday routine. And with one visit, you’ll soon understand as to why.

5. Discover the Denver Zoo

Who doesn’t love a good zoo? With more than 4,000 animals to say hi to, your day spent here will be one not surely wasted. Modeled after a Kenyan nature preserve, the city has absolutely figured out quite the perfect lay out to make a great home for its many animals. From hyenas and lions to green tree pythons and orangutans, you’ll love discovering what’s in store at the Denver Zoo.

6. Catch a Ball Game at Coors Field

If you are going to be in Denver during baseball season, why not try to catch a ball game? Coors Field is a place of comradery, fun, and celebration – especially with a home field win! Located in the LoDo district, it is easy to get to and from and makes for a fantastic and fun evening out with either friends or families full of little ones.

7. Breathe in the Aromas at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Spread out over a total of 24 acres that boast 15,000 plant species, you can rest assured that a trip to this attraction will be nothing short of vibrant, colorful, and filled with plenty of photo ops. With impressive features like that of the Japanese Garden to the South African Plaza, you’ll get to witness rare and exotic plants at nearly every turn.

8. View Art at the Denver Art Museum

Whether you consider yourself an art guru or not, the Denver Art Museum is impressive to any and all who grace its galleries. Over 68,000 works of art by famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe, your eyes and mind will surely enjoy learning about and viewing the magnificent pieces by so many great artists.

9. Take a Self-Guided Tour of Coors Brewery

You’ve heard that phrase, “As cold as the Rockies” for quite some time now but how about paying a visit to the place where it’s all made possible? Brewing since the year 1873, it is safe to say that Coors sure stands by what they do and getting the chance to take the self-guided tour where you can learn about the company’s history, see how it is packaged, and of course taste samples of your own is definitely worth the visit.

10. Take the Mount Evans Scenic Byway

If you thought the views from Red Rocks Park were impressive, wait until you hop on the Mount Evans Scenic Byway; a 15-mile two-lane road that quite literally takes you up into the sky, you’ll love this journey from start to finish. Just be sure not to forget your camera and take plenty of pictures at the number of lookout points along the way!

All About The Denver Botanic Garden

denver botanic garden

If you’re wondering about the Denver Botanic Garden, you should know that it’s one of the best botanical gardens in the western United States, particularly the Rocky Mountain region.

It’s a botanical garden that’s open to the public and is situated within the Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado. It’s a 23-acre or 93,000 square meter park that consists of a conservatory, a number of theme gardens along with a sunken amphitheater, the location of various concerts within the summer time.

You will find three diverse locations that make up the botanic gardens in general. The primary location, and also the formal garden, is on York Street. There’s also the Chatfield location which features natural field and riparian areas, in addition to a historic farm and homestead. There’s also the Mt. Goliath location, which is on the way to Mt. Evans, which features a wildflower garden.

You’d be surprised but the Denver Botanic Garden together with nearby Congress Park and Cheesman Park, sit atop what was once the Mount Prospect graveyard. The removal of the interred people started in 1893 and did not stop until the 1950s. But even then, graves were stil being discovered as lately as 2010, throughout restoration of the park’s sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Setting aside this footnote, however, the botanical garden features North America’s biggest assortment of greens from cold temperate environments all over the world, in addition to 7 diverse gardens that mostly include plants from the Colorado state and neighboring states.

If you’re in Colorado and you’ve never been there, or if you are planning on visiting Colorado, make sure to take the time to visit. As we said earlier, concerts are being held there during the summer, and it’s fun to listen to music while communing with nature at the same time.

And when it starts to get cold and you can’t hang out at the garden any longer, you can get ready for ski season or start planning your next beach holiday to get away from it all.

Denver Museums Offer A Diverse Cultural Landscape

Do you like going to museums? If you’re in the Denver area, there are some great museums, that’s for sure. I’ve been to many museums in other areas of the country, but I have not been to any in Denver. I’ve only been to Denver twice, and it was when I was passing through to go to Salida, Colorado to ski and snowboard for a week with the church youth group.

Colorado is a very pretty state, and the people there are very friendly. It’s scenic nature and majestic mountain beauty is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway, and then there is the hustle and bustle of Denver, which is unique in its own right.

There is quite a nice collection established of western art in the Denver Art Museum, and there are many other cultured establishments as well. Have you heard of the Kirkland Museum? What about the Museo de las Americas?

There are ways to get passes for all the museums at once, so you can get the grand tour of everything Denver has to offer you. What interests you when it comes to museums?

Considering Denver’s location and the way the locals take pride in the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, you can imagine that the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the top choice when it comes to museums to visit. Another popular favorite among visitors is the Denver Museum of Transportation, which is all about the rail history associated with Denver.

You could spend days seeing all of what Denver museums have to offer, not to mention everything else there is to do while you’re there. You’re going to want to take plenty of photographs, that’s for sure. You’re probably not going to be able to decide which you like best, the scenery or the museums. Who knows, maybe all those photographs will turn into a new hobby for you – photography the great city of Denver! And you just might get into a museum yourself!

A Day With The Animals At The Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo EntranceOne of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to spend a day checking out their zoo. And the Denver Zoo is no exception to this – just because I live here doesn’t mean that I skip it. Instead, I get a yearly pass so that I can go enjoy the zoo whenever I feel like it. But you do not have to be a local to have a good time visiting the zoo in Denver. In fact, I recommend it to anyone who is visiting the city. It is a great place to visit for people of all ages.

Covering 80 acres, this is a fairly large zoo. So, do give yourself a full day to properly take it in without missing anything or having to hurry through the exhibits and habitats.  The admission cost for adults is only $13. And you will get to see a lot of great animals for that low price.

The river otters are my favorite, but you will find tons of different animals to choose from when it comes to picking your own favorite. Maybe the adorable red panda will get your number one pick!

A cool thing about the zoo is that they often have special events going on throughout the year. So, whether you want to take part in an animal feeding or a holiday celebration, there is certain to be something awesome going on at the Denver Zoo for you to check out.

elephants denver zoo

See How Money Is Made At The Denver Mint

Another pretty cool thing to do while visiting the Mile High City is taking a tour of a real U.S. Mint. Yup, you can do a tour of the Denver Mint when you’re in town.

Like the Hammond’s Candies factory tour, the Denver Mint tour is also free. You’re only looking at about maybe 45 minutes to an hour total for the tour, which isn’t long at all. Definitely a great way to kill some time in the afternoon or morning.

On this tour, you get to see how the mint makes the coins that we use in our day to day financial transactions all over the United States. And at the end of the tour, you have the chance to buy some unique memorabilia at the on-site gift shop. So, that is pretty cool as well.

The hours for this tour are a bit limited, so make sure that you take the time to work it into your schedule. They are only offered Monday through Thursday. And, no tours are offered on Federal holidays, so do be sure to check that before showing up.

You are required to have a reservation in order to take a tour and you can book that on the website for the Denver Mint. Or, give them a call at (303) 405-4761.

It is also worth noting that the hours that tours are offered are between 8 a.m.and 3:30 p.m. So, don’t try to put this off until later in the afternoon or you will miss it! However, the gift shop is open an hour later until 4:30 p.m.

Since this is a government facility, there are some pretty strict rules that you must adhere to before entering. Of course, you have to go through a metal detector for security screening. Additionally, you cannot enter with any type of bag larger than palm-sized that will fit into your pocket. That means no hand bags, no back packs, no diaper bags and no strollers. And while you can take in your cell phone, it is required to be off while in the building.

So, plan ahead to secure your larger bags and items so that you can make this cool tour and see how money is being made here in the United States. Definitely an educational tour for sure.

A Fun Candy Factory Tour in Denver

hammonds candies factoryIf you are looking for something to do in Denver that is a fun way to spend a few hours, but not your usual activity, then I have a great idea for you. Have you ever heard of Hammond’s Candies? It is a pretty popular candy company that specializes in making candy that has better ingredients. Personally, I am a big fan of their caramels, but they also make some great chocolate bars, taffy and candy canes (among other things).

I most commonly see these candies in Whole Foods stores, as well as Cracker Barrel stores when I am in the southern states of the US. But, maybe you’ve seen them as well at another store.

Well, if candy is your thing (and who doesn’t like candy?!?), then you can take a cool little tour of the Hammond’s Candies factory while you are in Denver. The facility itself is located in a more industrial part of town, but it easy to find.

The tours are FREE!! And they are offered Monday through Saturday. The tours are done every half hour and no reservation is needed.

It doesn’t take too long and you get to see them making candy, which is pretty cool. And yes, you get free samples and that might just be the best part.

At the end of the tour, you are able to shop in the on-site candy store, which is pretty cool. So, if you want to buy some of the candy you sampled or just get some of your favorites, then this is where you do it. Sure, it might not be as tasty as the candy I got on my Hong Kong travels, but it is still sweet and yummy!

Oh, and everyone gets a cute little paper hat that is very old school.

This is definitely a cool way to spend a few hours and it is perfect for people of all ages. The only requirement here is that you like candy, and who doesn’t like candy!

Many Things To See In The Beautiful City Of Denver

denver photosWhen traveling anywhere, planning in advance the sights to see or things to do is always highly recommended.

When you plan to go to Denver, the amount of beautiful sightseeing, dining experiences, shopping, and the bustling city life will make it difficult to choose where to begin.

The amazing mountain experience alone makes something like driving along the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, an event all on it’s own. Whatever you want to do, it’s more than likely available in this amazing “Mile High City”.

You’re in the mountains, so if the weather is right, Denver is the gateway to Colorado skiing and boarding. With a ski town full of busy neighborhoods and grand restaurants, the slopes speak for themselves. Part of the reason to stay overnight here for many is to acclimate them for the higher mountain elevations but the outdoorsy activity alone is enough to fill the time for any visitor.

If skiing is not your thing, no worries as there are plenty of other choices. For those who like wildlife, the Denver Zoo has plenty of animal species to see up close. Covering a wide range of habitats, one will see a nice sampling of what nature has to offer. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, while smaller than other museums in other cities, has plenty of things to keep the young, and those young at heart entertained. Various reviews place it as a top place to visit in Denver.

For the sports fan, one would have to visit Coors Field, as the modern stadium continues to excel while still exuding that old fashioned feel that baseball fans love. Last but not least, one has to visit the historic neighborhood of Larimer Square, which many would clearly state it is the heart and soul of the city, and a great place to being your Denver experience with shopping and excellent restaurants.

As you can see, we’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do in Denver. Why not book a trip today and experience all the wonder for yourself.