All About The Denver Botanic Garden

denver botanic garden

If you’re wondering about the Denver Botanic Garden, you should know that it’s one of the best botanical gardens in the western United States, particularly the Rocky Mountain region.

It’s a botanical garden that’s open to the public and is situated within the Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado. It’s a 23-acre or 93,000 square meter park that consists of a conservatory, a number of theme gardens along with a sunken amphitheater, the location of various concerts within the summer time.

You will find three diverse locations that make up the botanic gardens in general. The primary location, and also the formal garden, is on York Street. There’s also the Chatfield location which features natural field and riparian areas, in addition to a historic farm and homestead. There’s also the Mt. Goliath location, which is on the way to Mt. Evans, which features a wildflower garden.

You’d be surprised but the Denver Botanic Garden together with nearby Congress Park and Cheesman Park, sit atop what was once the Mount Prospect graveyard. The removal of the interred people started in 1893 and did not stop until the 1950s. But even then, graves were stil being discovered as lately as 2010, throughout restoration of the park’s sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Setting aside this footnote, however, the botanical garden features North America’s biggest assortment of greens from cold temperate environments all over the world, in addition to 7 diverse gardens that mostly include plants from the Colorado state and neighboring states.

If you’re in Colorado and you’ve never been there, or if you are planning on visiting Colorado, make sure to take the time to visit. As we said earlier, concerts are being held there during the summer, and it’s fun to listen to music while communing with nature at the same time.

And when it starts to get cold and you can’t hang out at the garden any longer, you can get ready for ski season or start planning your next beach holiday to get away from it all.

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