Denver Museums Offer A Diverse Cultural Landscape

Do you like going to museums? If you’re in the Denver area, there are some great museums, that’s for sure. I’ve been to many museums in other areas of the country, but I have not been to any in Denver. I’ve only been to Denver twice, and it was when I was passing through to go to Salida, Colorado to ski and snowboard for a week with the church youth group.

Colorado is a very pretty state, and the people there are very friendly. It’s scenic nature and majestic mountain beauty is the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway, and then there is the hustle and bustle of Denver, which is unique in its own right.

There is quite a nice collection established of western art in the Denver Art Museum, and there are many other cultured establishments as well. Have you heard of the Kirkland Museum? What about the Museo de las Americas?

There are ways to get passes for all the museums at once, so you can get the grand tour of everything Denver has to offer you. What interests you when it comes to museums?

Considering Denver’s location and the way the locals take pride in the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, you can imagine that the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the top choice when it comes to museums to visit. Another popular favorite among visitors is the Denver Museum of Transportation, which is all about the rail history associated with Denver.

You could spend days seeing all of what Denver museums have to offer, not to mention everything else there is to do while you’re there. You’re going to want to take plenty of photographs, that’s for sure. You’re probably not going to be able to decide which you like best, the scenery or the museums. Who knows, maybe all those photographs will turn into a new hobby for you – photography the great city of Denver! And you just might get into a museum yourself!

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